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When you own a business with multiple demands, you require a commercial vehicle that can keep up with your needs. You want a safe, reliable, durable workhorse, like a Peugeot.

The Boxer can be converted into a 16-seater taxi, an ambulance, a chassis cab or simply remain a panel van, depending on what suits your needs.

The attractive front end design affirms a modern yet sturdy look and upmarket appearance. The interior continues the statement with a quality finish fitted with professional trim levels offering comfort and loads of features and storage compartments.

Safety is always a priority when it comes to Peugeot. The Peugeot Boxer ensures maximum safety due to:

- a new shock absorption design that stabilizes the vehicle even when loaded.

- an even more efficient brake system to guarantee high performance and safety at all times.

- a reinforced structure with a preset deformation zone that absorbs the impact in case of an accident.

These reinforcements also help reduce noise for added comfort inside the vehicle.

ABS with EBD and Driver Airbag, which protects the driver’s head and chest area from injury, ensures that the driver can react as effectively as possible in the most difficult of situations.

Being perfectly designed to accommodate your profession the Peugeot Boxer is easy to load and unload thanks to:
- A useful width of 1.87m and 1.42m between wheel arches.
- A loading sill of 503mm - among the lowest on the market.
- A 96 degrees rear door-opening angle, which can be increased to 180 degrees with the folding check strap, and to a full 270 with the special option.
- 2 sliding side doors of which one is standard
- Inside loading height of 1662mm, length of 3120mm with a cubic capacity of 10m³
- Optimized floor space between the wheels (1.422m) to maximize potential load capacity and ensure one of the market's best solutions.
- Maximum interior width is 1.870m.

The 2.2l HDi has a maximum power output of 96kW and 320Nm at 2000rpm and a payload of 1400kg, making it a trusted partner for any kind of commercial business and it is economical too.

“We feel the more fuel efficient an engine, the better it is for your bottom line and for the planet. That’s why we offer our Commercial vehicles with efficient, low emission diesel engines.” Francisco said.

The Common Rail injection system is featured on every Boxer HDi engine for cleaner, more efficient motoring. By injecting fuel at high pressure directly into the combustion chamber, this system reduces fuel consumption and emissions while providing extra power.

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